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Australian Aged Care Quality Agency Enterprise Agreement

if the parent or child requires ongoing assistance or assistance. 15.1 The objective of the OAIC Talking About Performance Framework is to strengthen and support the OAIC in the performance of its missions by regularly and formally evaluating staff performance and providing employees with opportunities for skills development and professional advancement. 23.2 Where a worker has chosen a pension fund other than the PSS-Akkumulation Plan (PSSap), the employer contribution shall be equal to the same percentage of the 14-day pension contribution salary required for employees who are members of the PSSap. This is not reduced by other contributions paid through wage sacrifice agreements. This clause does not apply where a pension fund cannot accept employers` contributions to old-age provision (e.g. unable.B to accept contributions for persons over 75 years of age). 16.4 Performance agreements play a key role in identifying staff learning and development needs on the basis of work unit and agency. 27.5 Basic hours: Base hours are from 10 a.m. to noon and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., unless modified by the agreement of a staff member and his or her supervisor. Superiors will effectively consider an employee`s personal circumstances when considering an application in accordance with clause 13.3.

Workers generally need to be present at work during peak periods. 15.3 Employees and superiors develop a performance agreement and employees have their work performance evaluated and evaluated, usually by their direct superiors. Employees are entitled to a revaluation of one salary point within the corresponding classification salary range if they meet a standard performance assessment of “strong and effective contribution” or a “persistent high contribution level”. 40.1 Various holiday authorisations, with or without payment, may be granted by the Australian Information Officer or Delegate. Unless otherwise provided by the Australian Chief Information Officer, any other period of leave without pay exceeding 30 calendar days shall not be considered annual leave and personal/on-call leave. Applications are reviewed subject to the operational requirements of the OAIC and fairness with other employees. 19.1 The range of tasks assigned to each position and to the personnel responsible for performing it should be assigned an approved GSP classification in the classification structure set out in Appendix B. For more information on the labour standards applicable to each classification, see the GSP Guide to Labour Level Standards. 33.1 Employees who have indicated their intention to leave the labour market within two years may participate in a transitional pension scheme. Financial assistance of up to $500 is provided for access to retirement seminars and/or retirement and funding advice.

Transitional provisions may vary from individual to individual, as individual and professional needs are taken into account, but may include access to part-time work (see section 26.1 for part-time provisions) and/or changes in the level of work or responsibilities by agreement. 30.1 Objective: In order to achieve a work-life balance, the OAIC recognises the importance for both the worker and the organisation that staff have regular access to annual leave. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of their vacation credits in the year in which the credits are incurred, and they are expected to take at least two weeks (or 50%) of those vacation credits in the year in which the credits are incurred. . . .