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Marriage Agreements In South Africa

Your marriage will automatically be one in the property community if you decide to marry without a marriage contract (an antenuptial contract or `ANC`). If you decide to get married from the condominium, you must contact a notary to create a Deeds Office-registered ANC. If you sign up for an NNA, the marriage is automatically subject to the delimitation system, unless you expressly exclude it from your contract. You must sign the ANC before you get married. An antenuptial contract without delimitation is like getting married, but staying single regarding your finances. The estate of each partner remains exclusively before, during and after the wedding: If you already know which contract you prefer, you can buy your wedding contracts in South Africa online for our included R2000 fee. To continue, click on the “Add to the Basket” icon below and pay for the R2000 via your credit card. Once the payment is approved, the system will send you a link to insert your names, identity documents, etc. It will then generate your marriage contract and send it to us by email for approval. If we give it back to you for signature, we`ll explain the next steps. In principle, he will prepare a power of attorney and marriage contract for you and your fiancé so that we appear before our notary on your behalf. In exchange for the signed power of attorney, we will give you a letter to the marriage agent. That`s all you need to get married.

When the time comes, the marriage contract will be released when we contact you to get it back. If you live outside the Johannesburg area, there will be an additional fee to notify them of the ANC if it comes from the Deeds Office. To preserve your privacy, you will not reflect your net worth in the marriage contract. An antenuptial contract, also known as an ANC contract or marriage contract in South Africa, regulates the terms of a marriage between potential spouses. The definition of an ordinary marriage is “negotiated, celebrated or concluded according to one of the systems of African indigenous customary law that exist in South Africa.” You must declare your usual marriage within three months of the date of the celebration or entry of the marriage to make it legal. This can be done in any office of the Ministry of the Interior or by a designated traditional guide in areas where there are no interior offices. Learn more about the requirements for marriage, forbidden marriages and the marriage of a minor or contact the Ministry of the Interior. We understand that the last thing you want to take into account when printing marriage preparations is what happens when you divorce, but with more than four out of 10 marriages in South Africa ending in divorce before the 10th anniversary, this is a serious matter that you should not overlook. In a marriage agreement without compensation, significant increases in the wealth or debts of one party during the marriage are not shared by the other party in the event of death or divorce. In this matrimonial regime, each partner`s estate is estimated at the time of marriage and again when the marriage ends.

This can be complicated and lead to delays, but is often chosen by partners who are both independent of the rich before getting married as the fairest solution. A person entitled to marry between two persons, such as ministers of a religion or a person appointed marriage officer by the Minister of the Interior.