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Pallet Storage Agreement

12.7 The customer agrees that the company may enter into an agreement with a subcontractor for the performance of all or part of the contract or/or the initiative of part of the goods through or in a subcontractor`s warehouse. To avoid any doubt, the company is responsible for the subcontractor`s actions and omissions in the same way and to the same extent as it is responsible for its own actions and omissions in the context of the contract. 12.2 These conditions can only be changed by a written agreement between the company and the customer. 7.1 The customer can access the storage unit at any time during access hours. Out-of-time access may be possible depending on staff availability and the company`s prior written agreement. Identification of the customer in a form reasonably requested by the company is required upon arrival on site and the customer must register at reception. “storage unit,” the closed storage unit listed in the offer or units listed in the offer; “storage,” the storage of the customer`s goods in customer-packed storage units on site or before transport. 6.1 The Company does not accept any of the following mentions: “Store” and “Stored” have a corresponding meaning; 6.1.1 Toxic, flammable, explosive or other potentially dangerous products; 8.3 All amounts shown are vat-free and/or other applicable taxes calculated in addition to the rate in effect at the time a payment is required of the customer. Storage fees are billed monthly from the start date to the store release date. If the last retention period is not complete, the customer is billed on a pro-rata basis. 2.3 The company must submit a written offer to the customer regarding the contract.

The offer is valid for 3 calendar months from the date of the offer, provided the customer has accepted the offer. 3.4 If the customer requires the transport of stored goods, the customer must inform for at least 7 days of a requested store exit date. The company will inform the customer, within 2 days of receiving the customer`s request, of the satisfaction or otherwise of the request. Out of Store appointments for the transportation of stored goods are on a First Come First Serve basis. If the requested store exit date cannot be taken into account, the company will address the customer in writing or by phone with alternative store exit dates for the transportation of stored goods. 11.4 The customer can terminate the contract at the end of a 14-day written notification and recover the goods in storage, provided that all funds signed to the contract have been fully paid. 11.5 The termination does not affect any rights or recourse of any of the parties prior to termination. 10.2 Condition 10.1 insurance is subject to a number of exclusions and, as such, the company cannot assume any liability on condition 10.1 for schedule 1 losses. “store exit date,” the date agreed in writing by the parties on the date the goods are due by the customer to be picked up and/or delivered by the company; 6.1.2 Chemicals, radioactive substances, biological agents; 7.2 The client must exercise due diligence while on site and comply with the company`s health and safety policies, the copy of which is posted on the website and available on request. 5.3 The Customer is liable for reasonable costs (excluding the loss or loss of value) attributable to the entity in the event of non-compliance with the guarantees provided for on condition 5.2.