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Subject Verb Agreement Rules Collective Nouns Examples

In light of the above, either “loss of life and serious injury in our skies are unacceptable” or “loss of life and serious injury in our skies is unacceptable” is acceptable. Class members act with individuality within the unit in your example. So use the plural orchard. For clarity, we recommend rewriting the sentence, as class members disagreed on the answers. The phrase many a is followed by a singular noun and a singular verb, so write, “Many citizens of a country are willing to move away from the world.” This raises a more important point. The English plural is increasingly used for all collective nouns. (This is published in AP press releases, local newspaper articles, NYT articles, on-screen teleguide descriptions of cable programs.) It seems that this is the beginning of an incremental approach to using English grammar rules rather than American grammar rules. I am a researcher, and I want to know the most common errors in the subject-verb agreement, and I would like to have something of the theoretical framework and conceptual framework of your book. I will use it as a reference. Sally, I totally agree with your statement about the topics and the predicate nominees that are different in number. Like you, I am changing the structure of the sentence to avoid this problem. The phrase I first noticed on this particular topic is the Bible: “The wages of sin is death.” We are not familiar with the rules of the TEAS manual. .